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WordCamp SF 2010

WordCamp San Francisco will be held on May 1, 2010. Last year’s event was attended by over 700 WordPress users, developers, designers and general enthusiasts from 32 different countries. As speakers and schedule are confirmed, new information will be added to this site, so check back now and then! The first WordCamp was in 2006, […]

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WordPress Twitter account

The wordpress team recently posted a new message on their blog, about the WordPress Twitter account: “We’re now starting to re-follow real people from the WordPress community. There will be no more auto-follow. If you are a WordPress developer, designer, blogger, fan site, whatever and would like to appear in the @WordPress updates stream, then […]

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OMG WordPress BBQ at South by Southwest

This weekend, thousands of WordPress users and developers are among the people attending the South by Southwest (also known as SxSW) Interactive conference in Austin, Texas. To celebrate this, we’re throwing a WordPress BBQ tomorrow so that there’s a place for us all to get together. If you’re a WordPress fan attending SxSW (or you […]

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New WordPress Foundation site

The new WordPress Foundation site has just been released today. You can check the first post at the new WordPress Foundation site. They received their first donation from WordCamp NYC. The money will be used to help developing WordPress. It will be great to see this site running the 3.0 development version and the nascent theme called 2010. Matt Mullenweg, the […]

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Blog deep linked content

Pagination is another known indexing problem that most Blogs, Forums and article sites will face. If you have many articles on your blog ( you should actually have as many articles as you can) and a lot of content, you can face some duplication issues when those articles get indexed. When you create a new article, […]

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Tandil Theme 1.3.4 Released

Hello everyone! I’m releasing a new version of Tandil Theme today. I’ve had some requests from users to add some lines of the articles, to the category and tag pages. So I added the excerpts feature to the category and tags pages. In the last few versions I minified CSS code, which means that the style.css […]

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WordPress 2.9.1 Beta 1 released

The recent release of wordpress 2.9 triggered a bug in certain versions of the PHP’s curl extension. With these versions of curl, scheduled posts and pingbacks are not processed correctly. To fix this specific bug as well as a handful of other, lesser issues, we are quickly releasing version 2.9.1, the first maintenance release of […]

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WordPress default theme 2010

When WordPress theme Kubrick was bundled with core back in 2005, it was a cutting edge theme. Custom header, rounded corners, clean design, good coding, fast loading… if you were using WordPress back then, you were impressed with this theme. Time moves on, fashions change, new styles become old standards, and what was once cutting edge […]

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WordPress Canonical Plugins

WordPress is going to introduce Canonical Plugins very soon. Canonical plugins are plugins that are community developed, which mean multiple developers, not just one person. These plugins will have GPL license and will be available on They are planning to keep a very strong relationship between core and these plugins. There will be a screen within the Plugins section of […]

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Backup Your Blog Database Regularly

It is strongly recommended that you backup your WordPress database at regular intervals and before an upgrade. Creating backups of your blog is very easy. You can do it directly from your WordPress Dashboard. You know you should do it regularly, but usually other activities get in the middle and you just forget about it. The […]

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