Urban legends of SEO optimization

When you do some research to rank your sites better in Search Engines, you should be careful where you get your advice from. I recently met a guy at a conference, who thinks that he’s getting special treatment from Google because he inserted the Google search box on his web site. He was planning to publish an e-book, with all his “secrets about SEO”. He has a very nice site with an active blog, which is always getting new inbound links from other Blogs, but that was just an afterthought to him.

If you believe that there’s some top secret about SEO that the “insiders” are not telling you, you are experiencing normal healthy paranoia. Good for you, since your ancestors were the same way, and sometimes it helped them survive. Back in the Stone Age, if one of your caveman buddies drank some yellow water from the hot springs, and got sick, everyone stayed away from it. The ability to learn is a big part of why we’re all still here trying to improve day after day.
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User Feedback is very important

The concept of “User Feedback” is very important for a Blog. Most Search Engines have some notion of “user experience” in their rankings. This can be as simple as measuring whether a surfer who clicks a link on search results returns to look at another result. Also all search engines have ways of measuring or estimating the overall user satisfaction with your Blog. How much of a factor this is today, we don’t know, but you can bet that it will become more important over time.

By designing our sites for human visitors and “surfer friendly”, not just for spiders, we are protecting ourselves against any negative impact from user feedback. This is a very important part of the “fast start” system, and always has been. Take this point into consideration when you build your Blog. You can also use the WordPress Tandil Theme to make this even easier. This theme was coded to make your blog surfer friendly.