WordPress Canonical Plugins

WordPress is going to introduce Canonical Plugins very soon. Canonical plugins are plugins that are community developed, which mean multiple developers, not just one person. These plugins will have GPL license and will be available on WordPress.org.

They are planning to keep a very strong relationship between core and these plugins. There will be a screen within the Plugins section of the WordPress admin to feature these canonical plugins as a kind of Editor’s Choice or Verified guarantee. These plugins will be a true extension of core WordPress in terms of compatibility, security and support.

In order to have an advanced system like this, each canonical plugin’s development community would probably need similar infrastructure to WordPress itself, including things like Trac, support forums, etc. Many people have no idea what canonical actually means, and having to define the word distracts from discussing the core ideas behind the concept. So, we thought we’d do a community poll to see what people think we should call canonical plugins. Based on the definition of canonical plugins given above, which of these terms do you think best describes them?

You can now cast your vote here to have your opinion considered during the decision-making process.

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