WordPress default theme 2010

When WordPress theme Kubrick was bundled with core back in 2005, it was a cutting edge theme. Custom header, rounded corners, clean design, good coding, fast loading… if you were using WordPress back then, you were impressed with this theme. Time moves on, fashions change, new styles become old standards, and what was once cutting edge suddenly seems old-fashioned and out of date.

The wordpress team believes a new bundled theme in 2010 is a great idea. Something nice and light that can serve as a good example theme, include newer theme-based features, and look nice on a public site. They are going to introduce a new default theme with wp version 3.0, which is anticipated to come out in mid-2010, and think it would be good for it to blend well aesthetically with WordPress itself.

As for the code, there’s a question of if it will really be a new theme, or if it will be a re-styled and updated version of Kubrick. They don’t know the final answer to that yet, because the ultimate decision will be made with the community’s input. What do you think? Without venturing into theme framework territory, are there features you think a new default theme should have? Some people have been talking about it on Trac over the past year, if you wonder what’s been tossed around so far. So, have an opinion on what a new default theme should include? If you want, you can head over to the wordpress community forums and add your suggestions.

Remember that version 2.9 of WordPress was just released. Patagonia Theme and Tandil Theme are both fully compatible with this version. Subscribe to our RSS to be part of our free WordPress blog hosting with no ads and follow us on Twitter for excellent blogging articles.

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