WordCamp SF 2010

WordCamp San Francisco will be held on May 1, 2010. Last year’s event was attended by over 700 WordPress users, developers, designers and general enthusiasts from 32 different countries. As speakers and schedule are confirmed, new information will be added to this site, so check back now and then!

The first WordCamp was in 2006, when WordPress was on version 2.0 (Duke). The number of WordPress users to power their web publishing has grown by millions. If you’re in the SF Bay Area and want to attend WordCamp San Francisco, enter here.

Why Use Sitemaps?

It is very important to use Sitemaps in your WordPress Blog, because they help your blog visitors get directly to the information they need. Sitemaps also help web spiders find your blog’s links easily. The following points discuss some of the reasons for using Sitemaps in your Blog.

Crawl augmentation

Although web spiders are continuously improving, they are far from perfect. Search engines have no problems admitting this. Here is what Google says about crawl aug mentation:
Submitting a Sitemap helps you make sure Google knows about the URLs on your site. It can be especially helpful if your content is not easily discoverable by our crawler (such as pages accessible only through a form). It is not, however, a guarantee that those URLs will be crawled or indexed. We use information from Sitemaps to augment our usual
crawl and discovery processes.
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WordPress Twitter account

The wordpress team recently posted a new message on their blog, about the WordPress Twitter account:

“We’re now starting to re-follow real people from the WordPress community. There will be no more auto-follow. If you are a WordPress developer, designer, blogger, fan site, whatever and would like to appear in the @WordPress updates stream, then send an @ reply to us and we can add you to the new list (assuming you’re not hawking diet pills, free iPads or ways to get a million followers). This way, people who are new to WordPress and go to check us out on Twitter will get a sense of the vibrant community that we have. People who send @ messages to us won’t (hopefully) wonder indefinitely why they were ignored, because without all the spam, maybe we can use Twitter as it was intended to be used, as another channel of communication.”

So, take this in mind if you were following WordPress on Twitter.