Tandil Theme 1.3.4 Released

Hello everyone! I’m releasing a new version of Tandil Theme today. I’ve had some requests from users to add some lines of the articles, to the category and tag pages. So I added the excerpts feature to the category and tags pages. In the last few versions I minified CSS code, which means that the style.css is going to load faster. This traduces in a faster loading theme.

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2010 will be a great year for WordPress and it’s extend framework, WordPress Themes and Plugins. The comnunity is going to get better and better. Soon, WordPress will be a “must have” to run any professional and successful site. Not just blogs, but any site, from e-commerce to personal sites. WordPress is the leading Content Management System.
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WordPress 2.9.1 Beta 1 released

The recent release of wordpress 2.9 triggered a bug in certain versions of the PHP’s curl extension. With these versions of curl, scheduled posts and pingbacks are not processed correctly. To fix this specific bug as well as a handful of other, lesser issues, we are quickly releasing version 2.9.1, the first maintenance release of the 2.9 line.

Help us get 2.9.1 ready to go by testing 2.9.1 Beta 1. The easiest way to test Beta 1 is to install the WordPress Beta Tester plugin, elect to get on the point release development track, and then perform an automatic upgrade via the Tools -> Upgrade menu in your dashboard. You can also download the Beta 1 package and install manually. Fourteen tickets have been fixed in 2.9.1 Beta 1. Since the curl problem and a couple of other problems are dependent on specific hosting configurations, any and all testing help is greatly appreciated.

WordPress default theme 2010

When WordPress theme Kubrick was bundled with core back in 2005, it was a cutting edge theme. Custom header, rounded corners, clean design, good coding, fast loading… if you were using WordPress back then, you were impressed with this theme. Time moves on, fashions change, new styles become old standards, and what was once cutting edge suddenly seems old-fashioned and out of date.

The wordpress team believes a new bundled theme in 2010 is a great idea. Something nice and light that can serve as a good example theme, include newer theme-based features, and look nice on a public site. They are going to introduce a new default theme with wp version 3.0, which is anticipated to come out in mid-2010, and think it would be good for it to blend well aesthetically with WordPress itself.
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Google site performance tool

Google’s new goal is to provide internet users with the most relevant results and the best user experience. Fast loading websites increase user satisfaction and improve the overall quality of the internet. If webmasters improve their sites, the overall speed of the web will improve too.

Site Performance

They recently started an initiative known as “Let’s make the web faster” and they released an experimental feature called “Site Performance.” You access this tool from the Google Webmaster Tools dashboard.
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WordPress Canonical Plugins

WordPress is going to introduce Canonical Plugins very soon. Canonical plugins are plugins that are community developed, which mean multiple developers, not just one person. These plugins will have GPL license and will be available on WordPress.org.

They are planning to keep a very strong relationship between core and these plugins. There will be a screen within the Plugins section of the WordPress admin to feature these canonical plugins as a kind of Editor’s Choice or Verified guarantee. These plugins will be a true extension of core WordPress in terms of compatibility, security and support.
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Avoiding duplicate content

The first rule is simple: don’t copy content from other blogs. It is unethical and Google penalizes duplicate content. Although it will not ban your site from its results forever, Google will send the guilty entry to the supplemental results. Once you are there, it is difficult to come out. The whole purpose of SEO is to optimize a site to rank naturally in the organic search engine results for relevant terms and relevant content.

So please don’t copy! You should create your own unique content. I’m talking about original articles written by yourself. Of course you can grab some ideas from other sites, but make sure you don’t copy-paste the articles or you will be in trouble and your site will get penalized by most search engines.
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