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Google celebrates Pac-Man’s 30th birthday with a playable logo

In celebration of PAC-MAN’s 30th anniversary, Google has resurrected the arcade classic for its home page logo. Users only need to click ‘Insert Coin’ or wait a few seconds for the game to begin. You can either play with the keyboard or mouse. If you click the ‘Insert Coin’ button again, Ms. PAC-MAN magically shows up so […]

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Why Use Sitemaps?

It is very important to use Sitemaps in your WordPress Blog, because they help your blog visitors get directly to the information they need. Sitemaps also help web spiders find your blog’s links easily. The following points discuss some of the reasons for using Sitemaps in your Blog. Crawl augmentation Although web spiders are continuously improving, they are far from perfect. […]

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Google site performance tool

Google’s new goal is to provide internet users with the most relevant results and the best user experience. Fast loading websites increase user satisfaction and improve the overall quality of the internet. If webmasters improve their sites, the overall speed of the web will improve too. They recently started an initiative known as “Let’s make […]

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Avoiding duplicate content

The first rule is simple: don’t copy content from other blogs. It is unethical and Google penalizes duplicate content. Although it will not ban your site from its results forever, Google will send the guilty entry to the supplemental results. Once you are there, it is difficult to come out. The whole purpose of SEO […]

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How do Search Engines find you?

The most common way that search engine robots find and spider a Blog is by following hyperlinks from other sites. In search engine terminology, these sites are known as “found pages”. Some search engines also have a “submit URL” form, where you can suggest that they add your Blog to their index. Typically, you just give the […]

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Keep your Blog search engine friendly

When you tweak your Blog, there are some basic rules that apply to designing your pages to be “search engine friendly”. Keep these rules in mind as you build your site, or you could be in for a lot of headaches and problems. All these rules have to do with creating a Blog that search […]

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Urban legends of SEO optimization

When you do some research to rank your sites better in Search Engines, you should be careful where you get your advice from. I recently met a guy at a conference, who thinks that he’s getting special treatment from Google because he inserted the Google search box on his web site. He was planning to publish an […]

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