Who To Follow on Twitter?

Twitter has a powerful new feature to help you find people related to your topic, niche, area or whatever you want to call it. Its named “Suggestions for You”. The algorithms in this feature suggest people you don’t currently follow that you may find interesting. The suggestions are based on several factors, including people you follow and the people they follow. You’ll see these suggestions on Twitter and the “Find People” tab (top right).

You will also begin to see recommendations for similar users when you view another account’s profile. If you’re interested in a particular user, you might be interested in these other accounts as well. All these features will be available for developers, too. They will launch an API so third parties can provide these suggestion features in your favorite desktop, mobile, and web applications. Now, go find somebody new to follow.

Upgrade to WordPress 3.0.1

WordPress 3.0.1 has just been released. This version fixes 55 minor bugs, including a frequently reported export error and an incompatibility with PHP 5.0.5. The upgrade should be available for most of you from your Dashboard.

Download 3.0.1 from WordPress.org or update automatically from the Dashboard (Tools -> Upgrade) in your site’s admin area. If you encounter any trouble with the automated updater, try deactivating your plugins before reinitiating the update.