WordPress for iPhone and iPad version 2.6

WordPress for the iPhone and iPad v2.6 has just been released. With this new version, you can now record, upload, attach and play videos within the application. As video becomes an increasingly important part of blogging, this functionality will be invaluable for bloggers on the move.

Here is a complete list of the new features:

_Video. Record, upload, attach, and play videos within the app. Yay for being able to catch your friends’ and co-workers’ most embarrassing shenanigans creative moments with iPhone video and publish them immediately for all the world to see on your WordPress site.
_A total rewrite of the way local drafts are handled, to prevent the unintentional loss of your pending posts.
_Autosave/post revisions. Bam! One of the “oh, thank goodness” features of the web app makes it into the iOS version.
_Easier setup. Faster and easier process for adding your sites to the app.
_Media Library. We’re gradually getting closer to the media management you’re used to in the web app.

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