WordPress Twitter account

The wordpress team recently posted a new message on their blog, about the WordPress Twitter account:

“We’re now starting to re-follow real people from the WordPress community. There will be no more auto-follow. If you are a WordPress developer, designer, blogger, fan site, whatever and would like to appear in the @WordPress updates stream, then send an @ reply to us and we can add you to the new list (assuming you’re not hawking diet pills, free iPads or ways to get a million followers). This way, people who are new to WordPress and go to check us out on Twitter will get a sense of the vibrant community that we have. People who send @ messages to us won’t (hopefully) wonder indefinitely why they were ignored, because without all the spam, maybe we can use Twitter as it was intended to be used, as another channel of communication.”

So, take this in mind if you were following WordPress on Twitter.

3 Comments to “WordPress Twitter account”

  1. By Car Equalizers , October 18, 2010 @ 5:06 pm

    I always avoid diet pills because they have nasty side effects.