How do Search Engines find you?

The most common way that search engine robots find and spider a Blog is by following hyperlinks from other sites. In search engine terminology, these sites are known as
“found pages”. Some search engines also have a “submit URL” form, where you can suggest that they add your Blog to their index. Typically, you just give the primary URL for your site (like, and this address is added to their list of links to check and crawl.

Let Search Engines Find Your Blog

There are some services that let you submit your site “automatically”. Currently, there are only four “major” search engines, and you can’t even submit to all of them. 95% of your search engine traffic will come from one of these major search engines. This is not really a good deal, even if it’s free. The same applies to software that submits your site to “thousands” of search engines. As I’ve just stated, only a few search engines actually matter. Using this software is more likely to generate a flood of junk email than anything else, so stay away of it.
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