Blog deep linked content

Pagination is another known indexing problem that most Blogs, Forums and article sites will face. If you have many articles on your blog ( you should actually have as many articles as you can) and a lot of content, you can face some duplication issues when those articles get indexed.

When you create a new article, each entry will be found in multiple pages, including the home page, the archives, categories, older pages, calendar, etc. All of these pages are potential duplicated content pages. Once the blog entry becomes older, it starts moving down the page stack. Soon, it takes more and more clicks to reach that article, and then at some point it gets excluded from the search engines.

There are many ways to deal with this issue. For example using a Sitemap is a good way to list all your articles directly in one page. You can use a Sitemap plugin for wordpress. Another solution is to link to the older articles from your internal pages or from your new articles. You can also bundle important long term pages in another hotspot reference area for easy finding and crawling.

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Happy blogging!

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