WordPress Wins CMS Hall of Fame award

WordPress has won the 2010 Open Source Hall of Fame CMS Award. The voting was head-to-head against Joomla and Drupal, but an extra independent judge was brought in to give the winning vote.

This is just another step that shows why WordPress stopped being “just a blogging platform” long ago. For those of who think that WordPress can’t be anything more than just a blogging platform, stop by the CMS section of the official WordPress Showcase for some great examples of WordPress used as a CMS all around the world.

The Open Source Awards is an annual online event held by Packt Publishing to distinguish excellence among Open Source projects. The Award, formerly known as the Open Source Content Management System (CMS) Award, is designed to encourage, support, recognize and reward a wide range of Open Source projects.

2 Comments to “WordPress Wins CMS Hall of Fame award”

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