Backup Your Blog Database Regularly

It is strongly recommended that you backup your WordPress database at regular intervals and before an upgrade. Creating backups of your blog is very easy. You can do it directly from your WordPress Dashboard. You know you should do it regularly, but usually other activities get in the middle and you just forget about it.

The consequences of not backing up your blog are much more serious than you can imagine. If there is any problem with your server or your site’s hard disk fails, or your website get hacked, you will lose extremely valuable data. Although you can have an automatic backup service included in your hosting plan, many times they don’t save MySQL databases. So, to make sure you save your data, you can do the backup manually.

Personally, I try to backup all my websites weekly. Below you will find a quick checklist for backing up your blog. Just follow these simple steps to backup and save the XML file that will include all your database information. If you have any problems in the future and your blog articles are lost or deleted by mistake, the data can be imported using this XML file and recover all the posts, articles, pages, categories and the rest of your Blog’s information:

  1. Login into your WordPress Dashboard.
  2. Go to “Tools” –> “Export”.
  3. In “Options” –> “

Now you can save all your XML files inside a folder on your desktop.

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